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Finally, a revelation occurred to me. There were reinforcements getting ready to attack me and my mountain. To stop their plan I would first have to destroy the town and maybe the reinforcements wouldn’t continue coming. Then a puzzling thought popped into my head, Why would the goblins team with dwarves? I thought goblins were evil and would only ever team up with the wargs? I pushed that thought out of my head and flew out of my mountain like a bullet.


Maupassant shows mood change again, but in a more horrifying approach: from blind men and beggars, to parties and weddings, to wraiths and hidden horrors. “On the River” is about an experienced boatman, and about one frightening story he tells Maupassant that chills his soul, and the souls of many. “On the River” is about something terrifying that the boatman faced.


Now in the end, the score board has not changed – I’m waiting for the audiences vote… which is you! If you are lucky enough to do student feedback for me, please please please say who you think should’ve won, and why!


Moving to Casasnovas (a fresh room for Spanish)
Libro de texto slams open and I’m now bi-
Lingual; to see all my classmates working diligently


“The Jungle” depicted cruelty to animals and the dangerous and unsanitary conditions in Chicago meatpacking plants; adding another stacking block to the change of laws on food production, the novel helped people realize that the unsanitary conditions and cruelty to animals was bad, which caused an uproar and changed the way people shopped.