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Now in the end, the score board has not changed – I’m waiting for the audiences vote… which is you! If you are lucky enough to do student feedback for me, please please please say who you think should’ve won, and why!

Bryant W

I also like your recursive style, which is very interesting, making the reader read more intently. It isn’t in a normal order, which causes the reader to, well, the reader while reading the story sorta has puzzle pieces not fitting, perhaps upside down, but when you finish the essay they understand how the puzzle pieces finally fit, showing a beautiful image of William “The P-Dawg” Wood. -Jonathan L.


Zhuo-Wei is also working on a poetry unit, and has responded strongly to the light verse of Shel Silverstein. Light verse is defined as poetry that attempts to be humorous.  Some of the notable light verse poets are Edward Lear, Ogden Nash, Phyllis McGinley, Lewis Carroll, and the inimitable Shel Silverstein.  The below poems follow Read more…


Handheld Games that Stupefy and Amaze   I would much rather play video games on a console or PC, but sometimes that’s not available to you. So what do you do? You dig your phone out of your pocket and play some mobile games! Oh what’s that? You don’t have any mobile games? Well let Read more…


He provided food and shelter for me. The days were not as hot as the first day, but the nights were as cold as being in a freezer. At that time, mysteriously, he found warm blankets for the night, and light clothing to change into at daybreak. I had many conversations with him through the nights that we spent together, as I was unable to sleep, and it seemed to me, that he never slept.