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Moving to Casasnovas (a fresh room for Spanish)
Libro de texto slams open and I’m now bi-
Lingual; to see all my classmates working diligently


Do you know what the national animal of Mexico is? Why it’s the golden eagle! The genus name is aquila chrysaetos meaning “eagle, golden eagle”. The golden eagle is a close relative of the American bald eagle. Recognized by its broader wings and smaller head, the golden eagle has high yelping calls, and with its Read more…


  Brian’s response to Charles East’s account of his relationship with Welty can be read here. Notes on “Discovering Eudora Welty” by Charles East “Discovering Eudora Welty” is a memoir written by Charles East on how his life was influenced by the writings of Eudora Welty and Welty herself. In the beginning, East talks about Read more…


      Gandalf’s Departure       “’O good-bye and go away!’ grunted the dwarves, all the more angry because they were filled with dismay at losing him. Now began the most dangerous part of their journey.” Page 138, The Hobbit       Just as Bilbo thought that their journey couldn’t possibly get Read more…


Fear was running through people’s minds and especially families who had loved ones sent to fight in the war. Back at home, they weren’t able to see what the war was like because TV wasn’t yet invented. Sometimes camera crews would follow some military units around during the evening, but it would take a week before they could play in newsreels at the movie theaters back home. At the time, citizens were not aware of how close their armies were to losing the important battle, and what hung in the balance. There are still some unanswered questions remaining about the battle to this day such as, was Callaghan justified when he put his radars in the back? What crucial mistakes caused Callaghan to die?