Genre: Non Fiction

Bryant W

An illustration of William P. Woods’ doggedness: Wood was best known for his arrest of William Brockway. One of the most successful counterfeiters, he questioned Brockway for five days before he confessed. Wood would never stop until he got answers, but it still took him years to catch Brockway. For some reason, the Treasury Department felt that he was not fulfilling the promise of putting all efforts into the job and William P. Wood was demoted from chief of the Secret Service, and Hiram C. Whitley took his place. Wood was officially out of the office, but he still wanted to live that life and for many years he did. Out of office, no longer the SS head, he continued to pursue Brockway and caught the counterfeiter in 1869, but only received $5000 of the $20,000 he was promised.

Jonah H

Samuel F.B. Morse – the Progenitor of the Text Message “Kaboom!” Rick’s heart was racing – there was no time now. He heard his mom’s screams to get out of the house and run, but Rick’s body wouldn’t obey. It was January 20, 1835 and the Cosigüina volcano had just erupted. The Cosigüina was 500 Read more…


MOURNING DOVES ARE AWESOME This has been the worst day of my life, because my mate has been killed by a hunter. There were many trees around us that rustled in the wind. The trees bent down because of the wind, but it looked like they were also mourning. The grass waved its long blades Read more…