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Imagine driving your newly acquired motorcycle crossing the Ohio Bridge from Cincinnati, and upon entering Kentucky, you find yourself situated on a long road stretching ahead through the vast land, and you feel like an explorer starting a long journey; would you find that the undulating countryside was giving you an almost nautical experience of riding up and down great green rolling waves of grass, with the blue sky shining off of the green grass, expertly nibbled to a lawn-look by an elegant thoroughbred horse?


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There is more than one county in Connecticut Each of America’s 50 states holds a share of differences from its neighbor and these differences are what makes each state special, such as Hawaii’s geography being great for a tropical holiday, while Colorado’s geography is great for skiing and hiking, while Pennsylvania had its importance in Read more…


Modern day New York retains a highly distinctive culture, though parts of the state have blurred borders, overrun with “bland interstate highways and big-box superstores”. Known as the “melting pot”, New York City is the home to the widest mix of ethnic races in the country, joining less than ten other cities worldwide in its diversity, where roughly 800 languages are spoken. It is the largest city in the United States. New York’s distinctiveness is rather well known – a New Yorker is sometimes thought of as having a fast-paced lifestyle and an assertive, bullying manner. This well-known stereotype presents a complication for Jonathan Franzen, as a character in his own play – he captures New York in an original, captivating manner that showcases the unique traits of the Empire State.


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It seems ludicrous for Said to complain about one of the greatest tourist attractions in South Dakota, even more, scold a national symbol of the US to be not worth his time. However, with nothing else to do, he and his wife rented an audio tour wand. At that moment, Said and his wife Karen were drawn in by the “firm, gentle and wholly optimistic [voice].” The couple followed a concrete path around the base of the mountain and what was a three minute disappointing gaze became three hours of relishing history from “the sculpture, the mountain, the Indians from whom the mountain had been stolen [to] the artist-Gutzon Borglum-whose idea it had been to carve the mountain in the first place.” At the end, “… We lay down on a bench and listened numbly as recordings of everyday people described what Mount Rushmore meant to them


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Alison Bechdel and Joe Sacco decided to write about their state in graphic form, and they had different styles of conveying the quirks of the state. Joe Sacco spoke mainly about his personal life, even going into his relationship with his girlfriend. Alison Bechdel made Vermont seem very unique with its rugged individualism and connection with nature. Since she went into the most detail about the state’s people, politics, and geography, and because she offered an insight into the State’s character affecting her own, Bechdel was more successful in her depiction of Vermont.