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“We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.” Patrick Henry, a 38 year-old delegate to the Second Continental Congress spoke thus in 1775, at the Second Virginia convention, to try and pass a resolution for Virginia militia members Read more…


11th grader, age 16 New York, USA Dear Tiffany, my younger self, If this letter reaches you successfully, then my plan is proceeding in full swing. All this will sound very far-fetched, and maybe you’ll discard this letter and continue on with your life. But I advise you to listen. If all is going to Read more…


Some civil rights activists falsely believe that they uphold a balanced stance, and fight without challenging their first reactions. In this seemingly just mission, some skew it – they do not accept Baldwin’s first requirement, but just fight, sometimes blindly. While their mission is to fight for rights and ostensibly, for mankind to be more righteous, they instead become more radical and even act unrighteously themselves, as their emotions begin to calcify. But the question for today is: are civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton, and commentators like Van Jones, or writers, like Ta Nehisi Coates, accepting injustices, or, are they re-defining terms in unhealthy and restrictive ways?


My grandfather joined the Chinese army at the age of 17 when the democrats and communists were fighting for the country; he didn’t really have a choice to join or not, because in his generation a group of people wanted China to be democratic instead of communist; if the democratic side won the war, then there wouldn’t be a “People’s Republic of China” now or back then, so he was kind of forced to join the army so that he would have a China to live in and so China wouldn’t go bye bye.