Genre: Non Fiction


Pokemon is not just made up of action and excitement. It is a game of love and caring as well as strategy. If you are very far into a Pokemon save file and it gets deleted, then you are probably going to be very upset. This is because all the Pokemon that you fight with end up having a bond in your life.


“The Jungle” depicted cruelty to animals and the dangerous and unsanitary conditions in Chicago meatpacking plants; adding another stacking block to the change of laws on food production, the novel helped people realize that the unsanitary conditions and cruelty to animals was bad, which caused an uproar and changed the way people shopped.


I also like your recursive style, which is very interesting, making the reader read more intently. It isn’t in a normal order, which causes the reader to, well, the reader while reading the story sorta has puzzle pieces not fitting, perhaps upside down, but when you finish the essay they understand how the puzzle pieces finally fit, showing a beautiful image of William “The P-Dawg” Wood. -Jonathan L.


Samuel F.B. Morse – the Progenitor of the Text Message “Kaboom!” Rick’s heart was racing – there was no time now. He heard his mom’s screams to get out of the house and run, but Rick’s body wouldn’t obey. It was January 20, 1835 and the Cosigüina volcano had just erupted. The Cosigüina was 500 Read more…