Genre: Fiction


QJ’s dilemma “I can do this,” a boy at a dinner table said to himself. He wasn’t the only one there. His mother and father were sitting with him. “Can I talk to you guys?” he asked. His mom and dad’s eyes looked automatically to him. “Yes?” his mom asked. QJ paused. “If you’re going Read more…


Traveling through Different Worlds Mrs. Whatsit sighed. “Explanations are not easy when they are about things for which your civilization still has no words. Calvin talked about traveling at the speed of light. You understand that, little Meg?” What does that have anything to do with anyone’s civilization?! Why is Mrs. Whatsit talking about explaining? Read more…


Zhihao nodded and walked away. Next, Eliot Potter jumped into Zhihao’s yard. Zhihao’s neighbor, a little girl named Kate with a very high voice, asked what Eliot was doing, but Eliot lied once again. “I was playing baseball and my prized bat slipped out of my hand, and landed here. I am so glad it didn’t hit anybody.”


They had a rolling staircase, a heavy mobile staircase on castors, which a team of servants manned; when Zeus wanted to leave his luxurious apartment, or even get a snack of baklava in the kitchen, he chose a window, whistled to his team, and they rolled it over. These guards protected every entrance of the house.


Exploring Forms of Magic in John Bellairs John Bellairs was a very famous author who wrote amazing books. He lived from 1938-1991, and was born in Marshall, Michigan. He was the first of three children. He went to public school most of his life, developing a passion for English literature. Besides writing, he enjoyed reading Read more…