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Then Lewis very surprisingly said that he wasn’t going trick-or-treating, claiming that he was too mature for it. Mrs. Zimmermann then asked if he was going to join them for cider and doughnuts because if he wasn’t she was going to “show up at midnight at the foot of your bed in my role of Grinning Griselda, the resuscitated cadaver.”


History’s impact on John Bellairs The House with a Clock in its Walls is a novel full of compelling historical references taken from the mind of author John Bellairs. The novel includes details of the murder of David Rizzio: this man was the private secretary of Mary Queen of Scots. A young Italian courtier, he Read more…


The Clocks of The House with a Clock in its Walls Clocks are seemingly mundane objects, and always seem to seamlessly blend into the background of every setting. But what happens when we start paying attention? The endless variations of brands, structures, and histories of clocks can be very telling. In The House With a Read more…


Pokemon is not just made up of action and excitement. It is a game of love and caring as well as strategy. If you are very far into a Pokemon save file and it gets deleted, then you are probably going to be very upset. This is because all the Pokemon that you fight with end up having a bond in your life.


Maupassant shows mood change again, but in a more horrifying approach: from blind men and beggars, to parties and weddings, to wraiths and hidden horrors. “On the River” is about an experienced boatman, and about one frightening story he tells Maupassant that chills his soul, and the souls of many. “On the River” is about something terrifying that the boatman faced.