Imagine driving your newly acquired motorcycle crossing the Ohio Bridge from Cincinnati, and upon entering Kentucky, you find yourself situated on a long road stretching ahead through the vast land, and you feel like an explorer starting a long journey; would you find that the undulating countryside was giving you an almost nautical experience of riding up and down great green rolling waves of grass, with the blue sky shining off of the green grass, expertly nibbled to a lawn-look by an elegant thoroughbred horse?


There is more than one county in Connecticut Each of America’s 50 states holds a share of differences from its neighbor and these differences are what makes each state special, such as Hawaii’s geography being great for a tropical holiday, while Colorado’s geography is great for skiing and hiking, while Pennsylvania had its importance in Read more…


Why Shoes Don’t Belong With Dogs Oh no, oh no, no please! Aargh! My owner, Josh, stepped into me. Apparently, we were going for a walk. I hate, absolutely hate, when Josh leaves the house because that means I have to go with him and be stepped on for hours and hours. He always wears Read more…


Fashion is Afoot by Jason Yang What is a sneakerhead, you may ask. What does that term represent in your community? How does it describe someone? Well… I am a sneakerhead and I am here to inform you on everything you may or may not need to know about the world of shoes, stretching from Read more…


Some civil rights activists falsely believe that they uphold a balanced stance, and fight without challenging their first reactions. In this seemingly just mission, some skew it – they do not accept Baldwin’s first requirement, but just fight, sometimes blindly. While their mission is to fight for rights and ostensibly, for mankind to be more righteous, they instead become more radical and even act unrighteously themselves, as their emotions begin to calcify. But the question for today is: are civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton, and commentators like Van Jones, or writers, like Ta Nehisi Coates, accepting injustices, or, are they re-defining terms in unhealthy and restrictive ways?