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Napoleon’s greatest work: Battle of Austerlitz The muskets were firing and the soldiers were yelling. The boom of cannons and screams of pain from troops from both sides sounded across the battlefield. But the violence kept going, and suddenly, the bugle sang the song of war and the sound of hooves thudding against the dirt could Read more…


BRANDON LIU Rhetoric is a subject that will have minimal appeal to any student. The questions “who needs to study this?”, “how will it affect my future?” and “what is the point of this subject?” are common in their minds upon hearing about the five canons or the rhetorical triangle. However, the minds of students Read more…


Pokemon is not just made up of action and excitement. It is a game of love and caring as well as strategy. If you are very far into a Pokemon save file and it gets deleted, then you are probably going to be very upset. This is because all the Pokemon that you fight with end up having a bond in your life.