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I, Prince Estabrook, tried my best to hide all sense of fatigue. I, with my fellow militiamen, listened to Captain John Parker and his orders. Captain Parker was a local farmer turned commander, from Lexington, and had been appointed the leader of our militia. I was an emancipated slave from Ashby, Massachusetts, a town 40 miles away from Lexington. I had traveled down to Lexington a few months ago so I could become a Minuteman and fight for America’s freedom.


  The Source of Preservation   Throughout Tolkien’s entire life, he studied languages. When Tolkien was very young, he learned Latin and French, during middle school, he learned Spanish, Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, Ancient Norse, Finnish, Icelandic, and Greek. Tolkien learned to speak 35 different languages! His study of words gave him the capability to invent new Read more…