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Student Work

In lieu of prompts for now, I encourage all students to read each piece of student work published so far this year! Your assignment is to choose two and make comments: 8 sentence minimum with both positive and constructive commentary, please. Quote your fellows for accountable analysis.

This chalk is crumbly: it has been quite a while since the Homeroom board lit up.  Off to a strong start with the AP Prep course (which I am officially renaming “Intro to Rhetoric”), and having some heavy dealings with Middle Earth, Frodo, Gandalf and company, course work is continuing apace, barreling toward a strong showing of student work. By the way, please acquaint yourselves with student work as it is published.  You will see your classmates Larry, Ben, Christine, Sophia, Oscar, and Hannah have had their work published this year.


It is your job to locate writing competitions online and to aim for submitting. Three students submitted for the Letters about Literature contest: good job, Robert, Hannah and Christine!


I have great hopes for this year. Some of them have to do with continued excellence, the second summer intensive author study, to prep school admissions for some of my 8th grade students. Other hopes include a gradual expansion of the student body, the taking on of another teacher who complements my style and adds to the endeavor … the list goes on. For now, though, stay tuned to Homeroom for thrilling and unexpected writing prompts!