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Once upon a time there was a boy named Richard Brown, but everyone called him “Brownie”. He loved brownies so much, he worked day and night to make the perfect recipe for brownies. He finally found it at 2 am and yelled, “Eureka!” He started making more and more, and sold them out on the streets, for these brownies were amazing, one whiff and you might faint; his motto was, “This is what heaven tastes like.” Richard showed benevolence to everyone, always giving them a little more, and decided that he wanted everyone to try his brownies. So he went up to the king and paid him 200 brownies to give the throne to him, and it worked!!! He wanted his people to espouse the life of the brownies, and when they didn’t he got angry. He stopped giving away brownies and demanded brownies from the people. He began to accrue all the brownies from his people and put it in his brownie vault after, bagging, tagging, and nibbling it. One sad gloomy day he walked up to his vault, opened and died due to the amount of brownies that hit his head. The people rejoiced no longer having to pay brownies to Brownie, and in celebration ate all the brownies that Brownie had collected.