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The movie was excellent; it had interesting qualities. Allow me to first talk about the scenery – the scenery was incredible and beautiful especially on the island. Whether it was a sunset or bright sunny day, it gave me this warming feeling and made me feel better about the drama of being stuck on the island. There was also an aspect that took me a little while to realize: it was that there wasn’t a lot of talking – Alec only talked if it really supported the scene. For example, at the beginning of the movie all he said was “Help!” and “Dad!”  This is one of the things that made this movie special.

The only thing I was disappointed about is how different it was from the book, which is normal for most movies based off of books. I was really surprised that the dad died, when in the book he didn’t. Another change is that on the island he didn’t build a shelter and it didn’t catch on fire, and also the old horse Napoleon wasn’t included as much as in the book. The one last big change was the nighttime rides that he did with Henry. But if I was someone who didn’t read the book then this whole paragraph wouldn’t exist.

I got really angry at the person in the movie who took off Alec’s life jacket with the knife. Even though it was just a movie, it reminded me of my brother when he stole stuff from me. The scene when Alec is trying to convince his mom to let him ride Black in the race reminded me of when I am trying to convince my parents of something: it takes a little bit of persuading then sometimes they let you do what I want. For instance, I have a passion for certain types of Doritos – and I know this is not on the order of Alec’s passion for the Black, but I can only (right now) think of this. Sometimes I want chips more that I can bear, and I beg my parents for it saying: “please” and “I really want them”… then sometimes I get what I want. Watching this movie and reading this book allowed me to be impressed about the power of passion in people’s lives, and I have some new ideas… . At this point, I can’t see myself as having such passion for a horse, but how about something else? Perhaps in a year, I’ll discover a passion – or maybe it’ll be next week? What passion do you have? And is it on the order of Alec’s?

Considering this movie is live action it was amazing. I keep wondering how they trained a horse that well, and how they even got a horse that fast. While I was watching this my mom was constantly pointing out how good a rider Alec is, which I agree with. In the beginning on the island he wasn’t that good but he soon got better and better and ended up winning the race against Cyclone and Sun-raider. The one scene that made me actually scared was the scene where the snake was about to bite Alec, but then the horse rushed in and killed it – while this scene was happening I was thinking: “Wow, what a great trained snake.” I would give a round of applause to the person who trained the snake, but I would give an even bigger one to the man who trained the black horse – that horse was fast indeed.

This movie was great and also showed me fine acting skills that I had never seen before; this movie is unique and will stick in my brain for a while. It was amazing and maybe someday I will watch it again, just to remember the awesomeness of this movie.