I think that Memorial Day is a day that we get to remember the people that fought in war for us. They put their life on the line just to protect us from other countries. To veterans that are still alive, I want to ask you: how was it during the war? When did you not feel scared, nervous or anxious? Imagine going to war face to face with bullets flying all over the place. I would never risk my life because my biggest fear is dying. And going to war has lots of deaths. War is probably the one thing I’m most scared of. I’m also here to say thank you for putting your body on the line just to save random strangers in the U.S.A such as myself. I’ve also learned that oaths are a very serious thing to deal with. If you don’t do it and you were trying out for being a soldier, I think bad stuff will happen. I have learned a lot about Memorial Day and knowing what it takes to enter military service, and to thank all soldiers for protecting us.

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