Requirements & Tuition

What is it that causes a student to excel? Part of any student’s success can be attributed to time management. Some modes of instruction elicit genuine interest in the subject and this in turn promotes the ability to move from subject to subject with full attention. The learner’s attitude, approach, and satisfaction are all key factors in long-term academic success.

My lessons last one hour, are held in the afternoon or early evening, and at the end of the lesson I assign the next week’s work.

New students need to submit work and be prepared to revise drafts prior to the first lesson.

Tuition for the semester (or ten weeks) is paid in advance. Tuition covers one hour of instruction per week.

24 hours notice for cancellation is requested. In addition, 3 weeks notice is requested if you are thinking about not continuing to enroll your child. This naturally allows me to find other students to plan to take the time slot, and also allows me time to wrap up my own planning. Once tuition is paid there can be no refunds for these reasons. However, I will reserve that time for your child or their sibling for as long as you want!

Two hours of homework is expected from each student per week.

Students who have excelled in this model have attended Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Princeton’s SIG, and other exciting summer programs. It is evident from their high academic marks and their abilities to constantly challenge themselves that their key to success is in producing high quality content for a sustained amount of time. The first three seniors I taught (who have graduated from West Point, Yale and Princeton) all began study with me in their sophomore years in high school, and during that time, read such authors as Eudora Welty, Stephen Crane, John Steinbeck, Claude McKayMaxim Gorky and others. This formed the core of Mr. Watt’s Literary Services’ curriculum. Not only is the reading above grade-level, the close reading is rarely experienced in secondary school. Look at any category in the Student Work, or look at Homeroom tab which highlights excellent homework! This experience enables the young to forge their character in the stirring company of great authors, for as Socrates says“Improve yourself by other men’s writings, thus attaining effortlessly what they acquired through great difficulty.”  

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