“I just would like to share a good news with you that Yan Yan got accepted to Haverford College, he is very happy and I am very happy for him as well. Thank you for your time and help,  the boys were very lucky to know you and had the opportunity to work with you. Thanks again.” Qun Li


“My 12 and 14 year-olds have been learning from Philip (or Mr. Watt) over two years. Philip has been able to reinforce what the children are supposed to learn in school in Language Arts with material that they would normally not have been exposed to. Philip’s passion for the arts and drama will, I hope, be beneficial for the kids for a lifetime.” – Chia-Ling Lee

“My 5th grader has been learning from Philip since late last year. We like Mr. Watt’s nurturing and creative coaching! I have noticed my kid’s good improvement on both critical thinking skills and writing techniques. Meanwhile I’m also very impressed to see my kid’s great CMT (Connecticut Mastery Test) top score on Writing.”
 – Lei-Hsin Hsu

“My name is Robert, and I’ve been learning from Mr. Watt for over a year now. Every week, Mr. Watt challenges me and presents me with new ideas. Mr. Watt’s lessons go above and beyond my lessons at school. Taking lessons with him has improved not only my writing skills, but my critical thinking skills as well. With Mr. Watt, I’ve studied a diverse group of writers and poets, but I’ve also been challenged to research what drove these men and women to write what they did, leading to new understandings of politics and socioeconomic structure at certain times in history.”
  – Robert Cheng

“The goal of helping someone evolve into a good writer is not only guiding them to write victorious pieces, but rather developing in them an appetite to write, and Philip Watt did just that. With intense studies and weekly classes, Helen greatly improved under the excellence of his teachings. He not only teaches creative writing and reading comprehension in a successful manner, but also makes the experience of learning fun and enjoyable. Seeing marvelous results in the past year, I look forward to new accomplishments in the future, which, I’m sure, will be achieved under his beneficial enlightenment.” 
 – Cindy Zhang

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