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I teach individually crafted units of study for students eager to deepen their understanding of literature and the power of the written word.  My approach is to produce content that is challenging and important, that increases vocabulary, encourages critical thinking and builds confidence in writing and public speaking.

With online tutoring, students have an hour each week to delve into exciting content, ask questions, and write!

Via Skype, we share documents, critique writing, collaborate with group assignments, read classmates’ work and share ideas.


  • Create a variegated literary foundation
  • Increase your vocabulary skills
  • Learn with professional instruction
  • Maintain flexibility with your busy schedule
  • Engage in writing competitions
  • See your work published online
  • Gain assistance with test preparation and college essays

Test Preparation

Although Kaplan and Princeton Review are excellent primers for standardized tests, certain tests such as the Connecticut Mastery Test and the New York State Regents exams, as well as AP English Composition, AP English Literature and even AP History Exams, require focused test prep.

College Admission essays

The college admission essay is a unique personal statement that requires clarity, honesty, and ingenuity.  In many universities it is one of the most important factors determining entrance into an institution. I offer guidance in composing this essay through writing prompts and discussion, drafts and re-writes.

Prep school entrance essays

Similar to the College admissions essay, private high school admissions essays can be challenging yet enjoyable to draft, refine, and present.

Offline, time is spent reviewing student work, editing and making comments and analyzing students’ current grammar skills. Parents are encouraged to communicate as much as they like, and correspondence is frequent.

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