Why get English support? With the goal of a well-rounded reading foundation, high schools and middle schools assign a wide array of authors; sometimes the education derived is wide, as in a survey, and not deep, as in nuanced and interlocking with other subjects, even outside of literature.

How are the online classes conducted?

Most lessons begin with a free writing exercise to engage students in discussing their observations and impressions. Each lesson is individualized, and can include grammar exercises, vocabulary study, and writing prompts or short quizzes. The ongoing curriculum covers novels, essays, poetry, journalism, criticism, non-fiction, as well as instruction in a variety of writing styles. Lessons include presentation coaching, and all lessons require students to be attentive, engaged, and ready for a challenge!

What are the long-term goals?

As I teach in semester-length sections, the goals are firstly commensurate with students’ progress through each grade, and are designed to support their schoolwork and provide continual perspective into the world of literature. Grammar, vocabulary and syntax development are fundamentals for a strong literary sense, and building confidence, knowledge and the ability to express well in writing are skills that I focus on developing in my students.

How are the sessions scheduled?

Students stick to a time slot between 3 and 10 pm weeknights and weekend daytimes.

How much time do I need to spend on homework?

At least two hours of work are required per week.

Where do I get the reading materials?

Much of the literature is sent you in document form, while books assigned can be checked out from the library, or purchased.

How can I get published?

Ongoing competitions are listed in Homeroom, and exceptional student work is published, after copy-editing in session with the instructor.

What if I don’t complete my homework?

I know you have a busy schedule, but recall that the aims of individual tutoring are to facilitate nimbleness between all the subjects, increasing one’s time management and productivity.  If work is not produced, strategies are discussed, and parents are informed.

What if I need to cancel the class?

The 24-hour cancellation policy allows rescheduling; missed classes will be billed in full. We understand your busy schedules and with 24-hour notice we can make sure to accommodate.

Does the teacher come to my home?

Only over amazing Skype! I’ll see you and you’ll see me online. I do make occasional trips to meet students, usually in the summertime.

How do I get Skype?

Download it! It is free. www.skype.com

As a teacher what are you hoping the students will experience?

I want students to experience a total enrichment with English Language Arts, both through inventive approaches as well as in focused inquiry. It is the experiencing of the elements of quality review that ensure a dedicated response to literature to discover its merits.

How do you determine who teaches?

Mr. Watt’s Literary Services is a small business. I accept a limited amount of students. I’m the only teacher!

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