Genre: 12th


The Silver Train Robbery Cast: Jimmy: a miner Mitch: another miner Strike Leader  Barkeep Various railroad employees and guards   The Miner’s Strike of 1908 has just been successfully completed, and the boss of the strike (Strike Leader) has been celebrating with his men; barrels of booze and bottles of spirits lay all about.  The crooked Read more…


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Some civil rights activists falsely believe that they uphold a balanced stance, and fight without challenging their first reactions. In this seemingly just mission, some skew it – they do not accept Baldwin’s first requirement, but just fight, sometimes blindly. While their mission is to fight for rights and ostensibly, for mankind to be more righteous, they instead become more radical and even act unrighteously themselves, as their emotions begin to calcify. But the question for today is: are civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton, and commentators like Van Jones, or writers, like Ta Nehisi Coates, accepting injustices, or, are they re-defining terms in unhealthy and restrictive ways?