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 Snow Day Surprise     One magnificent afternoon, while I was enjoying life to the fullest, I heard the phone ring. It interrupted my online research on techniques for swimming and what to eat. I strode over there like I had all the time in the world. I saw the Caller ID. It was my Read more…


Cyber-Bullying Cyber-bullying is a problem sweeping the nation. It affects the bully, the victim, family, and friends. Cyber-bullying is caused when one person is cruel to another person for no apparent reason. Teen cyber-bullying has increased over the years, from 6% in 2000, to 85% today. Because technology is more enhanced than it was in Read more…


  Solar Systems: the amazing phenomenon     Few people think that each planet is alike, but some folks think that the basic stuff planets are made out of is the same. But giant planets are different in quality as well as quantity.  Small planets and moons can be made of rock and ice depending on Read more…


Mr Watt´s Literary Services

Fred: I knew mine was better! Now go home, I have to harvest the remaining wheat before the snow melts and rots it.

Matthew: Okay, see you tomorrow… don’t forget, it’s my birthday.

Fred starts to harvest the wheat field when lightning strikes him and everything goes dark.


  The Hijinks at the Petlympics e     “Kaploosh! Kapow! Boom!” went the fireworks of the Petlympics (Olympics for super powered pets). The Petlympics were held in lush Green Bay, Wisconsin, in a giant hamster cage the size of a house.   The rules were simple: No using super powers You’re paired in groups Read more…