This is Hundred Cat. He has 100 lives.

Hundred Cat has only one problem though, it’s that he is really dumb. “Doy,” says Hundred Cat dumbly.

He is soooo dumb that he likes to waste his lives.

For example, it was Hundred Cat’s 99th life as he got ready to jump off a high cliff. Waiting below were rows of metal spikes sharper than a great white shark’s teeth. This is going to be fun, thought Hundred Cat. Hundred Cat jumped off. “WEEEEEE!!!” Hundred Cat was falling to his demise. “Ugh 😵!” Hundred Cat got skewered by the spikes. Hundred Cat could feel his body regenerating. With a crack and a snap and a stretch of his back Hundred Cat was fully regenerated. Also, it was Hundred Cat’s second to last life and he was setting up for a death. Hundred Cat put up a mirror that was up to his body height and loaded his pistol. “PEW!” Hundred Cat shot a bullet at the mirror and the mirror reflected it back at him: “POW!” The bullet hit Hundred Cat right in the chest. Blood started to pour out of Hundred Cat and he could feel his life slipping away. Suddenly he could feel his life quickly coming back into his grasp as his body patched itself up. Hundred Cat had only one life left and he was going to make it count. Hmmmmmm, what shall I do with my last life? thought Hundred Cat to himself. Then Hundred Cat got an amazing idea. He was going to do the ultimate stunt that no cat has ever done.

He was going to skydive from the moon to the earth. Hundred Cat quickly made his way to the nearest rocketship place and got in a big red rocketship, the color of a red rose that just bloomed.

Hundred Cat got in and put on the straps without any kind of spacesuit or oxygen tank. Hundred Cat then pushed the launch button and the rocketship took off into the sky leaving earth’s atmosphere. “PSHHHH!” The rocket ship landed on the moon. “Psh” the doors opened and out stepped Hundred Cat. Hundred Cat was losing oxygen so he quickly jumped off the moon. Since there was no gravity in space Hundred Cat hacked and horked and out came a hairy remote to the rocketship. Hundred Cat then pressed the self-destruct button and the rocket ship exploded, “KA-BOOM!” The explosion knocked Hundred Cat to a straight, on-course collision to earth. Hundred Cat was slowly losing oxygen but still held his breath a little longer. Hundred Cat finally entered earth’s atmosphere and took a big breath of air.

Hundred Cat was now going so fast that he was catching on fire like a meteor zooming through the sky. Hundred Cat could feel his skin slowly burning away but he still held on to his life. Finally Hundred Cat collided with earth and totally disintegrated, ending his last and final life.
                        The End      

RIP Hundred Cat

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